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Comfortable environment
Malfa online market creates acomfortable urban environment around us using small architectural forms.
"Environment affects a child's personality. We do everything to help children actively develop, grow happy and enjoy sports."
Our Goals
We create modern, adaptive websites, develop UX / UI site design and corporate identity, set up contextual advertising, promote in search engines and social networks (SEO, SMM), provide technical and marketing support for the resource.
Our task was to create a web shop that would represent the business online.
We aimed to launch an effective selling site that would generate leads and bring in new customers.
It was necessary to develop an intuitive and user-friendly interface and make it easy to filter items by parameters.
Years of experience
Large clients
Marketing analysis
Concurrent analysis
We have examined all rivals in this niche and their online representation. We analyzed their ways of positioning in comparison with Malfa. The result was a complete SWOT analysis.
We revealed all business attributes of our client. Pointed out the main strengths. Shaped the marketing core of the company.
Defining the target audience
We began with studying the existing customers of the company which enabled us to create 8 most common target audience profiles. We worked through these generalized characters' needs, pains and decision-making principles.
After the marketing analysis the next stage was prototyping of the website based on the received data. We used:
UX wireframes for typical pages
Conversion maximizing techniques
User-friendliness as the main focus
LSI copywriting
Design concept
Color palette is based on light tones. Accent colors are yellow and dark-grey. Such combination looks light, awakens associations with childhood and sunny days, which creates a desirable atmosphere for Malfa's products.
Color palette
Coding/Integration with CMS Bitrix
The next step was coding up the design concept and integrating it with CMS Bitrix. We used HTML5, CSS3(LESS) and JS.
Technologies used:
CMS used:
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