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Have a problem with a tree, or have your land lot damaged by a storm? Get rid of the problem in 1-2 days with our professional emergency tree services in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Emergency tree removal 24 hours
If a tree has fallen on your house, or has blocked a road or a pathway, you may call CT Experts any time, and we will remove it within 6 hours.
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Any size tree felling
Removing hazardous, downed or unwanted trees of large and small size with particular care for the safety of your properties.
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Stump removal service
If a stump damages the look of your lawn, CT Experts will grind or remove it with modern equipment leaving a patch of even ground.
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Tree trimming and pruning
If you want to give your tree a nice shape, or just want to get rid of dead or disturbing branches, Connecticut Tree experts is what you need.
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Land clearing
Clearing land lots of everything that hinders territorial development.
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Storm damage cleanup
If your territory has been affected by a storm, we will clear your territory profoundly - from fallen trees, branches and other rubbish brought by the winds.
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You submit an application.
Our manager contacts you in 15 minutes, you schedule a visit of the foreman.

During the meeting, the technician assesses complexity of the work needed, makes an estimate. Free from any obligations! If you agree with the plan and the cost, then you decide on the date of works.
The works begin
Our crew comes and takes care of the problem. Usually it takes us 4 hours. We clean up after the works.
The problem is gone! Enjoy safety and a clean, spacey lawn!
We have carried out a number of demanding projects on removing hazardous trees and branches with no harm to the surroundings.
We have profound experience in tree works and provide an exceptional level of service. Our licensed arborists work until you are happy with the result.
We will come today
The fastest 24/7 tree emergency service in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our group is ready to handle your case within 2 hours since you have applied. Emergency tree removal within 6 hours.
No tree or project is too difficult for us
Our company removes even gigantic trees from places hard to reach with machinery. We carry out projects of any size and difficulty: from felling a single tree to clearing a large area.
10 years of experience
A crew of 4 members with more than a decade of experience working since 2009.
Own state-of-the-art equipment
Here at your service: a bucket truck, a dump truck, a stump grinder, wood chippers, all size chainsaws, skid steers and other professional equipment. This enables us to work effectively and with desirable results.
Upfront pricing
We name the price before the work starts, and keep to it without any further expenses.
Get a 10% discount from the competitor's estimation!
Particularly careful with your property
Our experience lets us work most carefully, with minimal damage to your land lot design, buildings, constructions and plants.
We will give you a discount from the offer of another company!
Hazardous trees
Leaning, overhanging, close-standing trees are only waiting for the next storm to fall onto your house and property. This poses a direct threat to your and your family's safety. Don't put it on the waiting list!
Clogged drains
Tall trees next to the house cause clogged roof drains. Water can't go down the way it should, and it stays on top, potentially causing roof leakage, mold accumulation or insects infestations.
The danger of clogged drains is that rain water doesn't go down the drain. Sooner or later it finds its way into the house.
MOLD spreading
The water on the roof and rotting leaves create ideal environment for mold spreading. You can't mistake the smell of mold for anything. It indicates, that the building has become unhealthy to live in.
When the draining system is clogged with trees' rubbish and doesn't work properly, the ground around the foundation is swelling with moisture, causing foundation movements. A foundation repair can cost between approximately $2000 and $6000.
Bad drainage and high humidity bring the roof to a poor state. If this problem stays for long, the roof may become impossible to restore. Roof replacement is an extremely costly kind of repair.
Your lawn looks bad
With unwanted trees and, particularly, stumps you can't make the most of your lawn. Obstacles for landscaping and lawn mowing make you irritated day by day. The time has come to act!
Dead or infested trees
Trees, like any other organism, have illnesses and parasites. Mushrooms that grow on the cork indicate that the wood under them is already dead. The decision is to remove dead parts of the tree or to take it down, if there's no hope of reovery.
Legal requirements
In some situations insurance companies, neighbors or a landlord may legally demand you to remove a tree from your territory. Just call us, and stay out of trouble!
Hurricane mess
Storm damage is an acute problem in Connecticut and Massachusetts. After another hurricane, there are plenty of cracked or uprooted trees, scattered branches, and other objects. Just call CT Experts, and have your land lot cleared professionally as nothing has happened!
Obstacles to landscaping
Old trees and bushes don't comply with your landscaping project? Tired of collecting leaves and buds? Too much shade won't let your plants grow beautiful? Old stumps here and there? CT Experts will clear your yard, and soon everyone will envy your landscape!
Lack of sun and free space
A tree by the window doesn't let enough daylight in your house. Lack of light and free space may affect your mood and well-being in the long run. Bring more sunshine to your life!
Tree services, particularly emergency tree removals must be performed by experienced arborists with use of state-of-the-art machines and equipment. That's how you make sure, that your property is safe.
years of experience
Licensed and insured (for Connecticut and Massachusetts)
hours emergency tree removal
discount from the competitor's estimation
Julia Denvers
I really appreciate their services. We had a maple in our garden cracked by a storm, so I applied to CT Experts by my cousin's advice. Their senior specialist Andrew came the same day to estimate the difficulty and named a quite affordable price. The next day they came with the crane, took the tree to pieces and carefully removed it. They left only even ground without branches and stuff. Top notch!
McDaniel family
CT Experts proved to be real experts - knowledgeable, positive, ready to answer all questions. We had bought a land lot and needed to clear it from old bushes and 3 stumps. Guys came and done all the job professionally. All that they cut, they took away and cleaned up well - not even a splinter found afterwards.
Bruce Allen
Reliable arborists,, it's fascinating to see how they work! They reacted quickly to my request, done their job fast and safe. Sure I would call them again.
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