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When a tree declines and develops issues that mean it is structurally unsafe for its location a removal is sadly often necessary. CT Experts can safely and efficiently remove small to large trees.
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Often, the removal of a healthy tree that has become a problem can be prevented by trimming and manipulating with a crane, so that the consequences of falling leaves, shade and invasion can be reduced to an acceptable level.
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Stump grinding is the safest and most effective way to remove a tree stump. We normally grind stumps 6 to 12 inches below the ground surface.
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Our experts know how to best remove a tree stump in the safest, most efficient way possible.
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It is our goal to provide our customers with a clean slate that offers total freedom when developing your land. We understand the appropriate way to execute clearing your lot with minimal damage to your land.
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Repairing the damages after a storm can be a tedious job involving cleanup and building to get the home or property back in shape. At CT Experts, we specialize in storm damage. This means repairing water inlets, outlets, pipes, fences, roofing and even structural damage from the storm.
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Danger of falling trees
Fallen trees can cause thousands of dollars in damage and pose a big risk to you and your family.
If you have a hazardous tree in your yard, strong winds from a thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane could break off a branch or even send the whole tree toppling onto your roof.
Falling trees are also a major cause of property damage. If winds are strong enough, even healthy trees can be uprooted or broken, according to the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).
It might not take a storm or high winds to cause a cracked or rotted tree to fail under its own weight, however. Cracks are hazardous because they compromise the structure of the tree and can eventually split the stem in two. Cracks are particularly dangerous when combined with internal decay, according to the TCIA, thus the presence of multiple cracks and decay indicates a potentially hazardous tree.

Who is Liable When a Tree Falls on a Neighbor's Property?
When a tree falls over onto a neighbor's property, that neighbor should submit a claim to his or her insurance company immediately. The insurance company is usually responsible for taking care of the damages.
However, there are some cases where a homeowner could be held liable. If the tree fell on the neighbor's home when the homeowner was trying to cut down the tree without professional help, the damage would be the homeowner's responsibility. Also, if the tree was dying, unstable or diseased and the homeowner knew about it, he or she could be liable if it falls over on its own. He or she could also be liable if it falls over during a very light storm that would not normally knock over a tree. When homeowners know they have dying, diseased or unstable trees, it is their responsibility to take steps to prevent them from causing severe damage.

Clogged drains at the house
When your gutters are clogged, your home has no way of draining water after a heavy rain. These points below illustrate exactly what clogged gutters do to your home and why you need to avoid them:

1. Your roof will begin to leak.
As this happens, you'll notice water dripping from your ceiling. The leaks will get worse until you get rid of the standing water and clear your gutters. It's only a matter of time before standing water turns into mold.
Getting rid of mold can be a pricey proposition, as contractors charge between $500 and $6,000.
Aside from the price you will have to pay to get rid of mold, it's also very damaging to your health if you come in contact with it. Mold is known to make allergies worse and can create skin irritation.
In addition to mold, sitting water will wear away at the wood of your household. The wood will begin to get soggy and rot. Left long enough, your home structure could begin to deteriorate, requiring extensive repairs.

2. The foundation will be compromised.
When water cannot be properly drained from your property, you also allow your foundation to sustain damages.
A foundation repair can cost between approximately $2000 and $6000.
When you have a bad foundation, your entire property value takes a significant hit as well. You greatly reduce the ability to sell a home that has a damaged foundation and will have your work cut out for you.

3. You shorten the lifespan of your roof.
A roof replacement can be expensive and it's important to maximize the value of your current roof. When you let your roof sustain continuous damage every time it rains, the clock is ticking and you greatly diminish its lifespan.
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Unaesthetic view of the lawn
Stumps, fallen branches and leaves do not decorate your lawn. They prevent mowing the lawn, spoil the appearance and cause complaints from neighbors.
The roots of a remaining tree stump can be dangerous. As they continue to grow they can take hold of your water pipes and snap them in half. They can also grow into the foundation of your house or walking sidewalk areas. Tree roots can cause damage to structures around your home.
Tree stumps can be an eyesore and a hazard. A tree stump in your yard is nothing more than a stump. It looks bad and serves no beneficial purpose. They can also become hazards in your yard. While out walking in your yard you could trip and fall over the stump. This is especially common with elderly folks.
They may be an obstruction to potential work. If you are looking to add on to your house, the damage caused by roots and the general existence of the tree stump can cause complications in your plans. While you are mowing your lawn, you will have to redirect around the tree stump, interrupting the pattern of your lawn.

Mushrooms on your tree
Mushrooms don't look particularly menacing, but to the trained eye of an arborist, they can represent serious danger. A mushroom is the fruiting bodies of fungi, and wherever they grow, you can bet there is a network of fungal filaments (called hyphae) penetrating through the surrounding soil or wood.
Some mushrooms are essentially harmless and they do not cause any serious damage to the tree. However, others are extremely pathogenic. They send their filaments through ever-increasing portions of the wood, greedily digesting the wood and weakening the tree in the process.
There may be extensive fungal networks, pathogens or pests lurking in the area's soil. These put all of the other trees in the immediate area at extreme risk (especially those of the same species).
Tree removals, especially for large trees, require careful dismantling by highly trained personnel utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the protection of your home and property.
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The team was professional, courteous and knowledgeable about the job - removingmultiple, large and precariously placed trees. Very happy with the results and would use them again for future jobs.
Mc Cloud Family
CT Experts did a GREAT job taking down an old tree on our property. After carefully cutting down the tree Carlos mulched up the limbs so we could use them on the property and even organized the wood left (destined for the fireplace) – Great Job and Great Value
After the hurricane on our site there were a lot of fallen trees. The team did everything very quickly, all stages of work were clearly discussed in advance and calculated. It was a pleasant surprise to get a clean site so quickly.
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